Friday, February 11, 2011

New Plumbing Begins

When we purchased the house, it had two kitchens and two bathrooms (one on each floor).  The plumbing was a mixture of old rusty cast iron pipes and plastic PVC pipes.  Many of the pipes and drains leaked.  On top of that, during the first winter that we owned the house, there was a major freeze that caused our pipes to burst.  We had to redo the entire plumbing in the entire house.

Because we had to redo the plumbing in the entire house, this allowed us to be more creative and flexible with the layout of the house.  We moved the downstairs kitchen to a different room, and we added a Jack-n-Jill bathroom upstairs.  And because we were gutting the house; it opened up the walls and made the plumber's job much easier.
Hmmm, why did the plumber have to cut through the structural members?  Turned out the inspector said that this plumbing job was not acceptable, so it ended up getting redone anyway.  We ended up with cut structural members for no reason!  We are not very happy about this.

The plumber had a very difficult time installing the shower base and making it level.  Three attempts and three shower bases later, we have an installed shower base.  I guess the third time's the charm.

The sink drain in the upstairs bathroom also gave the plumber a hard time.  Three attempts later, and it looks like its done.

Attempt #1: Looked good to me, but the inspector didn't agree.

Attempt #2: The drain was outside of the wall.  What kind of sink will work with this especially in a small bathroom?

Attempt #3:  This one is a keeper.

The bathtub drain is not lined up at all with the drain installed by plumber.  I guess he'll need to figure that out when he installs the tub.

Plumbing under the house.

Each time the plumber had to redo the drains, he made new holes in our siding.
Let's just hope that we don't have any leaks after all of this.

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