Saturday, February 5, 2011

Duct work for the HVAC units

Since the house never had any central heating or air conditioning, it had no duct work at all. All new ducts and returns had to be installed.

Ducts in raceway from attic to below the house.

We did not want the ducts to take over the entire attic because we may want to finish out the attic in the future and create a finished third floor.

The attic includes a stairway from the second floor, hardwood floors, and two windows (one on each side of the building).
 We asked the HVAC company to install the upstairs ducts under the attic floor.  The HVAC guys created custom ducts to fit between the ceiling of the second floor and the attic floor. 
 Custom ducts running in the ceiling.

The ducts for the first floor were installed under the house. 

New HVAC units were placed outside on the platform that we built on top of the old brick walls which once held up a wood cistern.

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