Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Major Rebuilding...

The bathroom addition added in the 1910's added one bathroom on each floor.  When we reconfigured the duplex, the larger apartment would have a bathroom on the first floor but none on the second.  We decided to add a small Jack-n-Jill bath to the second floor to serve the two bedrooms there.

To increase space in the Jack-n-Jill bathroom, we removed a chimney that was no longer used.  The chimney no longer went up to the roof, so it was completely useless.  We saved some of the bricks from the chimney to use for landscaping, and we gave the rest to our neighbors so they could build a brick patio.

We decided to use pocket doors to save space.  The bedrooms are already small, and we didn't want to take up more space with the bathroom doors.

Doorways to two of the bedrooms upstairs had to be closed off to separate one apartment from another. 

Doorway to bedroom was closed off.  Note the stacked wood; it was originally used to frame the lower ceilings in the house. When the lower ceilings were removed and the original tall ceilings were exposed, we reused the wood for the framing in the house.

The original kitchen for the downstairs apartment was very small, and the dining room adjoining it was very large (about 3 times larger than the kitchen itself).  Since modern kitchens are large, we decided to make the dining room the new kitchen for the downstairs apartment.  We decided to make the original downstairs kitchen into a laundry room and downstairs storage room for the upstairs smaller apartment.

Door closed off between the small original kitchen (in the back) and the dining room.

The original dining room downstairs had too many doors.  It had one door to the original kitchen (which was closed off), one door to the living room, one door to the bathroom next to it, and one door to the hallway.  We decided to close off the door to the bathroom as well.  This allowed us to make the bathroom downstairs larger with only entrance from the hallway instead of one from the dining room and one from the hallway.

Closed off door to bathroom (on right) from the dining room.

New floors are built where the termites ate the original wood floors.  Since this will be the kitchen, we will install tile floors here.

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