Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our First Attempt At Tile

It was a little intimidating to do tile for the first time.  We took a class at the local home improvement store and read lots of library books on the topic.  Now we had to put what we learned into practice. 

We decided to start with something easier.  We decided that the laundry/storage room tile would the easiest first tiling project.  It was a smaller room with simple 12x12 inch tiles.  We bought an inexpensive tile saw from the local home improvement store because we knew we would be doing lots of tile in this house.  Buying the tile saw was equivalent to the cost of renting one for only a couple of days.

We measured and divided up the room and started the tile work.  The tile saw worked like a champ.  It turned out pretty well; the hardest part was doing the grout.  We used sanded, tinted grout, and getting it into all of the joints proved to be a challenging job that required lots of muscle.

Laundry/storage room before tile was laid.

Tile drying after it was laid.

Tile drying.

Finished and grouted tile.

Finished and grouted tile.

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