Friday, March 8, 2013

Bathroom Fixtures

Once the wainscoting was installed and the window and door trim was painted, we can now move onto the bathroom fixtures.

We got the Hemnes cabinet and Rattviken sink at Ikea, and we thought that was a good match for this bathroom.  The 40 x 19 inch size was perfect.  Its narrow profile does not block access into the laundry room.

Water saving efficient toilet.
Since the most logical place to put the tub in this bathroom was next to the window, we decided to go with a claw foot tub and shower.  We like the old fashioned look in a historic house, so we decided to get a reproduction acrylic claw foot tub.  We thought it would be easier to install and care for than a heavy cast iron tub.

Acrylic reproduction claw foot tub.
The tub looked really great in its location.  We placed it where it was supposed to go, and then we tried it out by stepping into it.  The acrylic tub flexed and made loud squeaking sounds as we walked in it.  It was shocking how the bottom of the tub was so flexible. 

Also, the tub turned out to be much lighter than expected.  It was possible to move it just by leaning against it.  Before purchasing the tub from the online company, I called and asked about its weight.  I was told that this tub was heavy enough, so that it would not have to be attached to the floor.  However, this was definitely not true.  It is not feasible to have this type of tub attached only by the water pipes and drain.  We would have to find a way to attach the legs to the floor to keep it in place.

We decided to call the manufacturer of the tub to find out about the flexible bottom.  The bottom was so flexible and so noisy that it had to be defective.  No one could sell this as a reasonable product.  After contacting the company's support line and sending them videos of the tub flexing when pushed with one finger, we were told we would be issued a refund.  Apparently, the acrylic layers which were glued together had separated, and that caused the flexing and the squeaking sounds.

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  1. Very nice , using the small space area but look great , welldone , regard - adi