Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Priming the Downstairs Bathroom

We want to finish all the plumbing related things in the house.  In order to do that we will need to finish the bathrooms and kitchens.  We will need to install the tile floors before we can install the bathroom fixtures.  We decided to prime and paint the walls prior to installing the tile floor in case we spill or drip any paint.

So next we decided to work on the downstairs bathroom.  We primed all the drywall with a drywall primer.  Hopefully, gray will be easy to cover up with paint.  The guy at the paint store suggested we tint our primer gray.

We realized that it is a good idea to scrape and remove the paint from wood trim/molding around the windows and doors prior to painting.  The act of scraping could damage the paint, so it makes sense to scrape first.  This was quite a chore.  We tried the Silent Paint Remover first, and it didn't work so well.  We finally used a product called Soy Gel, and that worked pretty well.  After applying the Soy Gel, the paint was sticky and gummy and took a long time to get it scraped and cleaned up.  We were unable to remove some of the really old paint which never got gummy after applying the Soy Gel, so we decided to just leave it.  Overall, the Soy Gel worked fairly well, but was still very tedious and took a very long time to do.  So we may need another plan for the rest of the windows.  Otherwise, it will take us years to scrape over 30 windows plus many door frames in this house.

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