Thursday, January 19, 2012

Starting to Install the Ikea Kitchen

Ikea had a really good sale, so we decided to purchase our kitchen cabinets from Ikea.  We've always liked their kitchens, and we liked how affordable they are.  We've bought other furniture and things from there before, so we knew the quality would be good.

Everything from Ikea comes packed flat and must be assembled.  Its all designed to be very easy to assemble and comes with good instructions.  

Kitchen cabinet boxes assembled and waiting to be installed.
Ikea provides rails which are attached to the walls.  The top cabinets are hung from these rails.  This makes the installation of the upper cabinets super easy, and makes it very simple to hang the cabinets perfectly level.

We decided that its best to first paint the window frame before trying to hang cabinets next to it.  It took one coat of primer and two coats of paint to paint the window frame. 

Now we can start hanging the top cabinets.  The top cabinets get installed first, and then the bottom cabinets get installed.

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