Thursday, October 21, 2010

Termite Damage

We felt our wood floor was feeling pretty soft in some places, so we decided to pull it up to see what was happening.  We found live termites under our wood floor!

Termites eating the wood floor.

Termite damage in the upstairs kitchen.

Next we discovered termites were eating a structural beam in the bathroom.  It was time to call in the exterminator.

More structural termite damage

The exterminator treated the entire house for termites and identified our termites as Formosan termites.  This is the worst kind of termite because it eats wood so quickly. Formosan termites can do major structural damage in a house in just months.

As the workers started doing the demolition, they also found much more termite damage.  The upstairs bathroom floor and floor joists were so damaged that they could have collapsed.  The entire floor and floor joists must be replaced.

Upstairs bathroom with floor removed.

With everything this house has gone through in its years, nothing did more damage than the termites.

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